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I’m Crystal J, but you can call me creative. I am a web developer who also enjoys designing and photographing. The warm sunshine of Florida is my home. Singing is my hobby. Traveling the world is my dream. Take a look around and if you like what you see, contact me.

Crystal J Media - Web Design and Interactive Media
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Dedicated to bringing endless creative possibilities to you, you , and even you. Cool things are, well... cool, and I enjoy making them.

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Web Development

Coded to suit the individual needs of each project

Crystal J Media - Web Design

Web Design

Custom and unique designs with the user in mind

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Graphic Design

Web, print, and branding graphic solutions

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Capturing moments in a fun and creative way


Take a look at some of the creative work Crystal J Media has done. Web Design and Development, Graphic Design, and Photography.

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Joy of Photographing Children

The Joy’s of Photographing Children

Each time I do a photo session with kids, it always turns out being loads of fun. You get to see so many different personalities and share many laughs with these mini characters. This little guy, who’s actually my nephew, was a lot of fun to photograph. He had fun but also had no problem telling me when he was done *lol* It was the cutest thing; his little 2 year old self closing out the session haha! Take a...

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